Window & Door Repairs & Installations for St Louis, Missouri,

Windows and doors St. Louis. Fix St Louis serving Saint Louis Missouri.

FIX St. Louis is your local home improvement service company that can put in new windows and doors. Our team is dependable, thorough and skillful. Here in St Louis, when you need your windows repaired or a new storm door put up, contact us. We specialize in any variety of projects regardless of the size or extent of labor. Our qualified contractors guarantee a job well done. Additionally, our specialized services and knowledge are geared for both repair and installation projects.

Services for Windows

At FIX St. Louis, we give several services that fix and maintain the condition of your windows. Our high-quality repair services are perfect when there’s only one window that has an issue. We are experienced with a variety of materials. Our professionals repair any number of issues with your windows such as:

  • Broken glass panes
  • Cracked glass
  • Broken and squeaky hinges
  • Leaks
  • Rotted sills
  • Heavy drafts
  • Replacing window jam
  • Repairing double und windows
  • Window screen repairs
  • Difficult-to-open and misaligned windows
  • Windows that won’t stay open or slam shut
  • Window balances
  • Weatherstripping and outside air penetration
  • Caulking and flashing
  • Screen repair and replacement
  • Window locks
  • Foggy windows, broken air pocket seals
  • Hang curtains & blinds

In addition to our outstanding repairs, we can also replace and install brand new windows for your property. FIX St. Louis is the region’s foremost window installation company. You can trust our team members to replace the windows in your St Louis, Missouri, residence with new, energy efficient ones. Eco-friendly windows can reduce your energy bills a lot by eliminating heated or cooled air from escaping your home.

Door Repairs & Adjustments

When you have issues with your door closing or there is deterioration, it makes it a vulnerable spot in a few ways. It doesn’t only let the outside air seep in and increase your energy bills, but it can make it easy for burglars to break in. The expert door installers at FIX St. Louis can do many services, from storm door installations and screen door repairs to front door repairs and more. If your residence in the St Louis, Missouri, region could use the help of a dependable door installation company, you can count on the expertise of our team.

Our team can handle the ensuing door repairs:

  • Realignments for the door to open and close
  • Weather-stripping to prevent outside air penetration issues
  • Door replacement for wood, vinyl, steel and composite
  • Sidelight repairs and threshold fixes
  • Remove rotted trim and brick mold
  • Put in fire-rated doors
  • Door knobs, hinges and locks
  • Door bells and intercoms
  • Sliding patio doors
  • Screen door repairs
  • Storm door installations

Pick the Professionals at FIX St. Louis

Door and window installations and repairs are just one aspect when it comes to the services we can deliver. Our licensed techs have extensive training, experience and a vast knowledge in property repairs and improvements. When you call us for residential window installations and door repairs, you will get the finest service across St Louis, Missouri. We comply with your schedule and know the importance of budgeting, so we provide firm appointment times and free upfront quotes. Because we admire our customers, we provide a single point of contact for customer service full-time and provide a one-year guarantee on workmanship. We’re the premier option for home window and door repairs in the region.

Call FIX St. Louis Now for St Louis, Missouri, Door & Window Repairs

FIX St. Louis is geared up to help you hang new doors or fix your windows. Whatever work you need done, our team will take care of it. FIX St. Louis is your residential window and door installation and repair team. Call our staff now to review a full list of services provided in St Louis, Missouri.