How to Fix That Love-Hate Relationship With Your Deck

Most homeowners have an uneasy relationship with their decks. While they might have a beautiful home, they sometimes wonder why their deck has to look like something Huck Finn hitched to it after floating down the Mississippi River.They may never be at peace that it is completely right – maybe some of the boards have rotted, the top rails are dried-out and cracked, and that wobbly stair rail – is someone going to get hurt by that someday? And then there’s the guilt. If only they stained it its first year…or every five years…or ever at all.

Well, I have good news — you don’t have to love-hate your deck. You can just love it. But, it helps to make sure you’ve got the right one, or convert it to the right one when major repairs are in order. Here’s how to think about decks so you can stop thinking about, and start enjoying, yours.

Basically, there are four types of decks:

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Oh, THAT’S The Reason My Contractors Should Carry Insurance

I’ve got a true story for those who mistakenly believe the main reason your contractors should carry insurance is in the unlikely event they sue you after getting injured on your property.

One of our Fix St Louis technicians, we’ll call him Dan, was once high-up on a ladder, painting a vaulted ceiling in a front entry way in a large and beautiful home, when it began to slide out from under him. Dan and the ladder went SMACK against the floor but, because he is young and strong, Dan bounced right back-up again, uninjured. At the same time, an opened $30 can of paint fell down with him, streaming paint all over a grandfather clock, stair railing, carpeting, and a hardwood floor.

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Why Those Small Repairs Linger on Your List (And Why They Don’t Have To)

If you’re like virtually every homeowner, you’ve got 2-3 little things wrong with your house right now. Maybe, they’re not really preventing you from doing anything, like using a sink or going into a room. And, maybe you’ve found ways to work-around them or not think about them. But…they bug you.

It doesn’t look right…it’s not working as well as it should…if I don’t do something, maybe it will get worse and then it will cost me more. They’re always in the back of your mind as a low grade irritation.

So, WHY do homeowners put-off fixing the small stuff? Mostly, we hear 4 reasons:

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Swing Over to 6-Panel Doors

Are your inside doors just flat, dull slabs of wood, or do they add to your home’s warmth and … well, homeyness? Sooner or later you are going to notice this feature in someone else’s house and, if you don’t already have it, you are going to want it.

And if you put it off, you may find yourself someday making this upgrade to help sell your house for the benefit of the NEXT homeowner, while never enjoying it yourself.

You’ve seen them. The most typical “raised panel” doors seem to have fancy rectangles carved into them, six of them, and they add a lot of drama to what would otherwise be a large flat surface.

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