Window Installations & Door Repairs for the St Louis, Missouri Region

Windows and doors St. Louis. Fix St Louis serving Saint Louis Missouri.

FIX St. Louis is your regional handyman service company that can install and repair windows and doors. Our contractors are dependable, detailed and efficient. Here in St Louis, if you need your windows repaired or a new storm door put up, call us. We specialize in any variety of jobs regardless of the size or scope of labor. Our expert handymen guarantee a job well done. Additionally, our specialized services and knowledge are geared for both repair and installation jobs.

Window Repair & Installation

At FIX St. Louis, we give several services to enhance the condition of your windows. Our first-rate repair services are excellent when only one window has a problem. We are the experts with different materials. Our experts repair any number of issues with your windows such as:

  • Broken glass panes
  • Cracked glass
  • Broken and squeaky hinges
  • Leaks
  • Rotted sills
  • Heavy drafts
  • Replacing window jam
  • Repairing double und windows
  • Window screen repairs
  • Difficult-to-open and misaligned windows
  • Windows that won’t stay open or slam shut
  • Window balances
  • Weatherstripping and outside air penetration
  • Caulking and flashing
  • Screen repair and replacement
  • Window locks
  • Foggy windows, broken air pocket seals
  • Hang curtains & blinds

Along with our quality repairs, we can also put in brand new windows for your home. FIX St. Louis is the area’s foremost window installation company. You can trust our contractors to put in windows in your St Louis, Missouri, house with new, energy efficient ones. Eco-friendly windows can decrease your energy bills significantly by eliminating heated or cooled air from escaping your property.

Services for Doors

Just like our first-rate window services, FIX St. Louis will handle any problems you have with your doors in St Louis, Missouri. Our contractors can repair a number of issues with your doors and their parts. We concentrate on all door types, including wood, composite, aluminum, MDF, glass, sliding, pocket doors, traditional hinged models and more.

FIX St. Louis’ door services consist of:

  • Fixing alignment that is off for sliding and pocket doors
  • Replace and install weather stripping
  • Extract rotted trim
  • Door knobs, hinges and locks
  • Proper fit for carpeting
  • Screen door installations
  • Storm door installation or removal
  • Screen door repairs
  • And more!


New doors installed in your house can also be cost-effective and lessen your energy bills each year. New parts like frames and jams in addition to energy-efficient doors will block drafts and keep your home climate controlled. In order to know what the team from FIX St. Louis can do for you is by contacting your regional crew. FIX St. Louis’ door experts are ready to assist you.

Select the Technicians at FIX St. Louis

FIX St. Louis is name that is grounded in high-quality home repairs in the St Louis, Missouri, area. The team members at FIX St. Louis are licensed, insured and they have the expertise and knowledge in relation to repairing our customers’ properties. When you reach out to us for window & door repairs and installations, you’ll get the best service in the area. This consists of having a full-time customer service representative and a one-year guarantee on our services.

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If your windows and doors need to repaired or you need new ones installed while getting the best services in the area, then FIX St. Louis is here to help. We’re St Louis, Missouri’s, premier home repair company. Give us a call at 314-434-4100 now to learn more about what we do and how we can enhance your home.