Kitchen Remodeling in Wildwood

Beautiful Custom Kitchen Design Drawing and Brushed In Photo Combination.

The kitchen truly is the heart of your home. From eating meals together to helping kids with their homework, the kitchen is a multi-functional room. If you want to change the layout or design of your kitchen, FIX St. Louis will help you with your kitchen remodel. Whether you plan to totally redo your kitchen, FIX St. Louis will give you all the assistance you need

FIX St. Louis of Wildwood’s crew of home remodeling professionals knows how to take charge of the kitchen remodeling job to create your dream kitchen. We do all of the work to finish the whole kitchen remodel, from design to demolition and installation. The kitchen remodeling we perform include, but certainly are not limited to: appliance installation, carpentry, countertop installation, crown molding, custom cabinet installation, drywall installation, electrical planning, interior space planning, painting, sink installation, and tile floor installation. When we remodel a kitchen, we do it all. Our specific services include: layout and design, space planning, electrical planning, cabinet, counter top, and flooring installation, and more.

We are a renowned, reliable kitchen remodel service. To be more specific, we provide many kitchen remodeling services in Wildwood, including floor plans, installing cupboards and counter tops, painting, plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, tile installation, floor refinishing, appliance installation, and more.