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There’s much more to flooring than you might think. You can find various styles, materials, and colors to create the perfect look for your kitchen or bathroom. But like anything else, it can become damaged and may call for repairs or replacement. These projects can be tough to handle for homeowners who do not have training with installing flooring such as vinyl. This can often cause repairs to be placed at the end of the To-Do list. When you call Fix St. Louis, you can have your flooring repairs handled by professional specialists in Saint Louis to be finished by professional Saint Louis handymen, call Fix St. Louis today}.

From choosing the right kind of flooring to applying grout, there’s a certain level of care that must be met for each level of your flooring projects. You don’t want to end up with sharp edges, bumpy floor, or loose tiles. From planning and design to polishing or vacuuming and laying carpet, our Saint Louis flooring specialists will give your home the expert treatment it needs. Here are a few of the individual tasks that Fix St. Louis in Saint Louis can provide for you:

Floor Tile

  • Repair or replacement
  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Vinyl

Wood Flooring

  • Hardwood
  • Engineered
  • Laminate

Vinyl Flooring

  • Vinyl tile
  • Sheet vinyl


  • Rooms
  • Stairs: full width & runners

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Why Fix St. Louis?

We distinguish ourselves apart from our competition through our experience with project management. It all begins with a thorough summary of the project that needs to be done, followed by frequent progress reports. It is our mission at Fix St. Louis in Saint Louis to ensure you are totally satisfied with our work.

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