Home Improvement Services near the Manchester Region

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Between budgets and family matters, a troubling home repair only adds extra anxiety. Whether your home needs a couple repairs or a complete remodel, FIX St. Louis serves the Manchester area with quality work for indoor and outdoor projects. Our specialists make your home look its best with indoor and outdoor projects.

FIX St. Louis has a top-notch lineup of professionals in plumbing, drywall, painting and more. In addition to repair services, our expertise enables us to make custom products.

FIX St. Louis believes in doing every project properly. We set firm, booked timeslots, so you won’t need to wait around for our professionals to arrive. All of our experts are bonded, insured and have passed criminal background checks, to help you feel more comfortable ensuring them with your home. We’re proud of our work, so we stand behind it. We offer a 1-year satisfaction guarantee and no-cost estimates for any project. We’re experts on everything, including the kitchen sink.

Inside Restoration

FIX St. Louis provides home improvement services for houses across the Manchester area and beyond. From doors to floors, windows and walls, our licensed team is excited to get to work.

Walls & Ceilings

Fissures in the walls might be a sign of more serious problems with your home. Our expert staff have the qualifications to know if a fissure is simply a quick fix or the indicator of bigger problems. We will fill holes and water damage we find. In addition, FIX St. Louis drywallers will install or add texture to drywall to your home.

Even if the walls in your home are in ship shape, FIX St. Louis specialists will help with mounting pieces such as TVs or big frames. If there is no shelving in your home, our team of carpenters can create custom shelving for your home. We try to ensure all the wall decorations and entertainment systems are attached safely and properly to avoid harm to your home. We also work with stair handrails, banisters, mopboards and treads.

Boring ceilings? Our team offers decorative trim placement services across the Manchester, Mo region. We install trim for baseboards and picture frames. Also, we install crown molding to houses throughout the area. Crown molding provides an extra touch of taste to any room.

It’s amazing what a fresh layer of paint could do for your house. Our company has experienced painters ready to assist with furniture, ceilings, walls and other objects throughout your home.

Heating & Insulation

Mo weather is tough during the winter or dangerous during the summer. That is why properly installed insulation is essential for your property. Correctly installed insulation will keep your home level in every season and even saves money heating and cooling bills. FIX St. Louis installs wall and attic insulation, in addition to weather stripping for doors and windows. The hazardous nature of asbestos contained in insulation requires a professional to do the job to ensure a safe finished product.

To ensure your family stays warm through the winter, FIX St. Louis performs maintenance on hearths across the Manchester area. We work with mantel ledges to ensure your fireplace is the coziest area in your home.

Doors & Windows

Can’t align that crooked doors or windows? FIX St. Louis offers basic repairs for interior doors or windows. We perform services for door alignment, closure and latch-clicking issues. We can also restore doors, including raised bi-fold, panel doors or sliding doors. Holes, hinges or knobs are also no match for our expert professionals. Whether it’s an alignment issue, knobs, trim, hinges or locks, FIX St. Louis are available to get the job done. FIX St. Louis also places door bells and intercoms.

Mo storms can be very dangerous. That is why your home may require a safe entrance and exit to your storm cellar. FIX St. Louis does installation, removal or alignment for storm doors around the Manchester area.

Exterior Repairs

Garages can be much more than a place to keep your car. Our specialists can help renovate your garage with services such as door opener, door installation or weather stripping. We can also add folding ladders and attic hatches, provide wall finishing and install electrical outlets.

Stuck garden hose faucet? FIX St. Louis provides outside repairs for exterior faucets, so you can return to gardening. Extra outside services include mailbox and post installation. Any repair you need inside your house, our pros can also offer outside of your house.

What Can We Do For You?

If you want help from an organization that offers complete handyman services, contact FIX St. Louis in Manchester. No matter how big or small the project, FIX St. Louis’s customer service representatives are available to give you a free estimate. Contact us soon at 314-434-4100 to learn more about how we can help your home in the Manchester area.