Kitchen Remodeling in Creve Coeur

Kitchen Renovation in Creve Coeur

We know the kitchen is your home’s heart, where you probably spend the most time with your family. From sharing meals together to helping kids with their homework, the kitchen is a dynamic living space. If you’re currently unhappy with your kitchen’s layout, design, outmoded appliances, cracked tile, worn Formica, or inadequate counter space, FIX St. Louis can help you with your kitchen remodel. No matter what changes you want to make, FIX St. Louis can give you all the aid you execute small to large scale kitchen remodeling projects.

We have years of experience with all aspects of kitchen remodeling, so we can help you build the kitchen you want at a cost that is within your means. We do it all. We will create the design you want, and then execute the project from beginning to end.

When it comes to kitchens, we do all sorts of jobs required during a kitchen remodel. We’ll draw up the plans to your specification and then perform all of the subsequent work, from taking out old appliances, floors, and counters to putting in new cabinets, floors, appliances, counters, and electrical fixtures, and so on. FIX St. Louis’s master craftsmen also oversee the electrical plans and plumbing, and install any drywall you need to restructure the kitchen. Basically, we take dull kitchens and make them spectacular. Call us now for a free quote.