Exterior Renovation in Cottleville, Mo

As the days pass, the exterior of a home can take quite the beating. A home’s curb appeal can go from neighborhood jewel to laughing stock, just because of weather damage. In addition to diminishing the appearance of a home, exterior damage can also lead to expensive concerns including roof leaks. But if handled quickly, the majority of these repairs can be fixed with minimal expense.

How We Can Help

With services such as siding repair, window replacement, painting, wood replacement, deck repair, trim replacement, and much more, FIX St. Louis in Cottleville can handle all of your issues. There are unique concerns that relate to exterior repairs that may keep people from doing repairs on their own. One example would be that several people might worry about the safety of repairing siding that is located at an extreme height. Luckily, our handymen have learned the proper procedure to take care of siding repairs in the safest way possible. With our expertise, we can keep your project within a budget and make sure that the quality meets your standards.

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Contact your local FIX St. Louis in Cottleville if you are interested in trim replacement, window replacement, or other exterior repairs. We live and work in this area and know how to provide the services that this community needs. Now is the time to care for your home’s exterior and have your repairs done by the professionals.