Why Those Small Repairs Linger on Your List (And Why They Don’t Have To)

If you’re like virtually every homeowner, you’ve got 2-3 little things wrong with your house right now. Maybe, they’re not really preventing you from doing anything, like using a sink or going into a room. And, maybe you’ve found ways to work-around them or not think about them. But…they bug you.

It doesn’t look right…it’s not working as well as it should…if I don’t do something, maybe it will get worse and then it will cost me more. They’re always in the back of your mind as a low grade irritation.

So, WHY do homeowners put-off fixing the small stuff? Mostly, we hear 4 reasons:

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Swing Over to 6-Panel Doors

Are your inside doors just flat, dull slabs of wood, or do they add to your home’s warmth and … well, homeyness? Sooner or later you are going to notice this feature in someone else’s house and, if you don’t already have it, you are going to want it.

And if you put it off, you may find yourself someday making this upgrade to help sell your house for the benefit of the NEXT homeowner, while never enjoying it yourself.

You’ve seen them. The most typical “raised panel” doors seem to have fancy rectangles carved into them, six of them, and they add a lot of drama to what would otherwise be a large flat surface.

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